Philips Respironics CPAP Announcement

McIntosh Clinic was notified about the Phillips Respironics CPAP recall on
June 14, 2021. It appears that some of the soundproofing foam built into
the machine has the potential to break apart and release particles and
unwanted gases into the airflow system.

We have not received any scientific data or other information about the
actual incidence of side effects except that: 1, there have been no
reported deaths and 2, the self-reported rate of side effects is small,
well less than 1%. Most concerning is that the gas released is reported to
be a carcinogen, which means that there is a potential cancer risk
particularly with long term exposure. The potential short term side
effects could include nasal irritation, chest congestion, and headaches
(please refer to the recall letter for more potential symptoms). Long term
side effects including the potential of cancer are uncertain at this

The company has reported that a fix will be released in the near future for
which you will have to register and manage through your equipment company.
In the meantime, we recommend the following for patients using devices
involved with the recall (this will be all CPAP, Aflex, BiPAP devices
manufactured by Phillips Respironics other than the new Dream Station 2):

1. If you are able to function reasonably well without CPAP, BiPAP, etc.,
then stop using the device until it can be fixed. Avoid sedating medicine,
alcohol, and sleep aids if possible. Avoiding sleeping on your back and
elevating your head of bed may be helpful to mitigate symptoms.

2. If you stop using your PAP device, then avoid high risk situations.
This includes avoiding driving while sleepy and avoiding other situations
where excessive sleepiness might be dangerous.

3. If you are in a high-risk occupation (e.g. drivers, pilots, heavy
equipment operators) that requires a high level of alertness, then the risk
of not using the PAP device may outweigh the small health risk associated
with using the PAP device. It may be appropriate in this situation to
continue PAP therapy, but you will have to make the decision based on your
personal circumstances.

4. If you are on a Trilogy ventilator, have chronic respiratory failure
requiring BiPAP, or are otherwise dependent on the PAP machine you should
continue regular use at this point.

5. If you continue to use PAP, avoid using 3rd party cleaning systems such
as the SoClean device. These ozone-based cleaning systems may accelerate
the foam breakdown.

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